your gift can help
families master autism


Through 2020 and beyond

While there is no known cure for autism, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is providing transformational programming and access to services to ensure families and young people navigating autism have the supports they need to thrive.

Grant a Gift’s goal is to ensure families in Southern Nevada can access services, whether or not they have the ability to pay. Grant a Gift provides scholarships for families who aren’t able to cover the cost of diagnosis and treatment through traditional insurance and provides a range of skill-based, social, and workforce development programs that support children and young adults to succeed.

Grant a Gift supports the Ackerman Center directly through fiscal infrastructure and supportive operational services to meet the ever-growing needs of the community.



Early Intervention and Targeted Treatment


Grant a Gift is works tirelessly to reduce wait times for diagnosis, partners with UNLV School of Medicine to provide cutting-edge treatment, and ensures that all families can afford to access services. We are seeking community partners to help us extend our reach and ensure that the thousands of families on the wait list can start their own journey to master autism.

Expand Services

In partnership with the UNLV Medicine Ackerman Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Solutions, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation supports assessment and treatment through a multidisciplinary team approach.

Provide Cutting-Edge Treatment

To provide the full range of services required for a cutting-edge multidisciplinary team approach, Grant a Gift will expand the offerings at the Ackerman Center to ensure families can access the full complement of treatments available.



Awareness and Coordination

In the next three years, GGAF plans to increase its presence in the local community to better serve family seeking answers, and will prioritize under-served populations in Nevada by making connections between families and support services that did not exist before. The team works to eliminate barriers to access this program for families by serving them in person, or by phone or email, in English and Spanish, and at no cost to them.

Outreach and Partnerships

Grant a Gift is committed to collaborating with other autism agencies to support all the families the organization serves and to launch a campaign that would focus on sharing early signs of ASD and encouraging families to seek services.

Family-Centered Care

Grant a Gift believes that support for the entire family is an important component of any treatment plan and offers navigation support, parent empowerment training, support for adults with Autism, and a unique program designed for children and youth of those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.



Supports to Thrive

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation supports young adults as they transition to independence by providing an innovative complement of programs that teach job readiness skills and social confidence. We run proprietary programs like TeenWORKS, the community-based internship program where participants gain vocational skills in multiple settings and practice the executive functioning, social, and life skills required for a successful transition into paid working positions and other areas of adulthood.